won't be standing next to interviewee

by cgulls66 - 12/14/12 7:49 AM

In Reply to: Mimic what you see on TV by boya84

boya84, thanks for the detailed advice.

I'm going to do this movie documentary style. I won't be on camera and don't want to hear my voice. I'll ask the coach and players questions and I'll have them repeat my question. e.g., "When the players look back on this season, what do you hope they will remember?" He'll need to answer, "I'm hoping when the players look back on the season, they'll remember . . ."

Looking at the last sentence in your post above, "A shotgun mic would be more useful . . ." I think you're saying that sort of mic will be better if I can conduct the interview in a quieter location. Is that what you're saying?

could a wired or wireless clip-on mic work? sony ecm-hw2?