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by aaron.luman - 12/13/12 11:46 PM

In Reply to: App like Notability for Android by aaron.luman

I feel that I should explain some more. For the last few years I have been using my laptop to type text notes and pen+paper to draw out the charts/graphs/etc.

I am looking at the tablets as a way to integrate the text (typed) and charts (drawn on the screen via stylus) and audio (recorded lectures) into one organized document.

I would prefer to get an Android tablet as I really do not like the iPhone/iPad on screen keyboard (for the occasional times that I'll by typing via the screen) especially with how much I like the keyboard on my GS3 (SwiftKey - But, if I can't find an Android app that integrates typed text with hand written notes and recorded audio then I'll have to go with the iPad...

Please help!