You summed up much of my experience

by Terjesk - 12/13/12 12:15 PM

In Reply to: Thank You All, But... by Flatworm

My experience is very similar to yours. Have Win 8 (Win pro) on 4 machines. They are all speedier than before. In many ways I like the Metro interface a lot, especially for casual reading of news etc. I love being able to pin Internet sites as tiles. However, this is also how I ran into one of the main problems. With about 200 tiles I am loosing control. Where is the Cnet News app? Where is my local newspaper site. Not being able to collect tiles into folders is extremely frustrating. It was a relief when Android got that possibility. Now I am using too much time hunting around for tiles.
The next main frustration is the non-windowing problem. Using IE, half of my screen is just empty space. When I am working on an article or an presentation, I frequently have to search the internet, but I am not allowed to have Word and IE running side by side. I am not even allow to use tabs in IE (at least I have not found a way so far).
I think I would really love Win 8 if I could make folders for photo tools, for news apps, for office programs , etc, and if I was allowed to run programs in several windows. If things doesn't change, I will probably tell my StartW8 (brings back the programs list) button to boot directly into desktop mode - and i will forget about the Metro thing. And I will be a bit sad due to a lost opportunity.