by boya84 - 12/13/12 12:07 PM

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The current MacBook Pro and iMacs do not have a firewire port but use Thunderbolt. Apple makes an adapter

The current MacMini has both a Firewire port and a couple of Thunderbolt ports

The current MacPro tower has 4 firewire ports

The MacBook Air never had a firewire port, but now has a Thunderbolt connector so it can now have Firewire.

Apple's been clear that they are moving to Thunderbolt... Lots of other manufacturers, too..§ion=mac&geo=us
so this is not a surprise.

Between the current Macs with a firewire port and the readily available Thunderbolt adapter, making a blanket statement of "even the newer computers (Macs) don't have Firewire" is not exactly accurate.

Since "newer" (flash memory) cameras and camcorders don't/can't send the high definition video stream over USB and don't have firewire, then the other audio/video outbound ports need investigation. Pretty much all of them have analog AV-out... Most have some sort of HDMI or RGB out. These would connect to an intermediate box, then to the Mac - it depends on the Mac...

Grass Valley/Canopus ADVC55 or ADVC110 for analog/composite camcorder video out to firewire to the Mac.
Elgato for analog/composite camcorder video out to USB to the Mac (expect reduced video quality).
Black Magic Designs makes various HDMI and RGB boxes... there are a few others, but these are the ones I've seen.