another question about which mic

by cgulls66 - 12/13/12 6:54 AM

In Reply to: Bob's provided the by boya84

As I've started recording for my youth basketball video, I've figured out that I'm probably going to use very little (or no) audio from the games and practices. I'll be adding music when I edit. So the surround sound idea (game in front / crowd in back) idea is cool but probably won't come into play, so to speak.

However, I will be doing to player and coach interviews. These may have to be in the gym during their practice so the background noise will include loud kids and bouncing basketballs.

is it safe to say this calls for a shotgun mic? Or can another style mic work as well or better? Sony's ECM-HST1 looks like a general purpose mic. Their ECM-CG50 is shotgun style but costs about $150 more.

I'd like to consider versatility and future use as opposed to having a different tool for every possible shoot or project. I'm an amateur by any measure but I would like the best outcome possible.

Can anybody recommend either a type of mic or even a specific model to work with my Sony PJ760V?
Thank you.