Lol Clear

Yep! I was suckered into to their scam and bought 2 modems. Just call me Dumbass with a capital D. Had them for over 3 years hoping one day they would improve their service with faster speeds so that I could watch a 5 minute YouTube video without having to stop and load the buffer every minute. They did improve a little, very little, but not much. I finally got cancelled, Thank God, for overdata usage, (they did me a favor) no more $80 dollars a month for a slow service, and Usually, to get any good download speed, I would use it in the hours between midnight and 6am in the morning, when most normal people are sleeping, who have jobs, in which Im disabled, and durring those times, I could get some decent download speed. But as for the bottle of whiskey, I agree! and go ahead and get you some downers, to help calm your nerves, because you will be frustrated to the max, and need some chemical help. I might even suggest, if you are going to get "Clear" or have "Clear", go ahead and move to Colorado somewhere in the mountains, and grow you some herb, where it is legal now, and that, coupled with that bottle of whiskey, may help you contend with "Clears" service. Clear reminds me of "Dial-Up", when I first had internet. Something like 50-100kbps download speed, or so. If anyone does take the "Moving to Colorado" option, you will probably be better off making a campfire at your place, and sending smoke signals! That would be faster and more "Clearer".