I purchased a sony Sony KDF-42WE655 42" Grand Wega High-Definition rear-projection LCD TV and I have had problems with blue spots that I fixed and Now I am getting Pink spots or clouds and I called Sony as Amanda Maffei suggested further into this post. All they said was that the TV had problems but was not recalled, In fact they offered a extended warranty to fix problems due to manufacturing defects but that was at there discretion and the extended warranty period has expired. They kindly offered to give me the contact info for a sony repair specialist. So any person thinking about buying a Sony Product think twice. Sony is happy to take your $3600 and give you a faulty Product. Since all they have to do is offer a short extended warranty period and that is good enough for them. Also they only offered the extended warranty period to stop a court ordered recall. BEWARE I used to buy sony products but that was back when they made great electronics and stood by there work. Unfortunately Sony IS NOT WILLING TO STAND BY THERE PRODUCTS ANYMORE.