data recovery

I did turn the phone off and used a hand dryer to try and dry the phone out. I let it sit overnight. It will power up and go to the home screen. The screen will not react to the touch of my finger as if the screen has been damaged electronically. The text messages are supposed to be saved in the phones internal memory and that is what I am trying to get at. I have plugged the phone up to my computer and it doesn't recognize it. The SIM card and SD card have been removed and are being used in my new phone. I contacted some forensic data recovery places, but they all want from 250 to 1700 dollars and it isn't worth that much to me. I had hoped there would be some better service out there that someone else knew about. I had even considered having a new screen put on it to see if that helped. There is no physical damage to the screen or the phone.