I'll let you decide how I feel about it

by philoso4 - 12/11/12 10:01 AM

In Reply to: iolo System Mechanic, anyone hate it? by markdoble

I bought a new Dell Inspiron, Windows 8 OS. Installed a solid state drive and put the OS on it, with help from Dell advisers.
Everything was working beautifully.
After reading reviews of System Mechanic Pro 11 in CNET and elsewhere I bought it and installed it. Its initial scan decided that changes needed to be made in several areas. Registry, etc. I gave it permission, it said it cleaned everything up, and that it needed to reboot the computer. (The phrase was highlighted so that a click on it would reboot.)
The system went into reboot mode but wouldn't boot because, the screen said, there was no drive to boot from.
If you guess that I was disappointed, then you are waaay underestimating my concern.
But iolo has a help line which I called, being certain that they could clear it up.
The tech adviser said that System Mechanic could not have been at fault, that it was clearly a hardware failure. After some fruitless discussion with the tech, I asked to speak with a supervisor. One finally came on board. He essentially told me that I knew nothing about computers and with his knowledge he was certain that hardware had failed, but that for 'only' $139 iolo would send someone out to fix the problem. I will not bother to quote my response.
I called Dell support and they were successful in guiding me through reinstalling the OS on the perfectly good hardware.
I then called iolo, spoke with the same supervisor, and asked to speak with HIS supervisor. They simply put me on hold until I gave up. You can decide whether I hate SM (and iolo).