record text

1st is that old paper hidden away where no one sees or uses called a Bill Of Rights er 5th amendment against self incrimination. A text is still a Wire Action and should be a protected communication. why should law enforcement be given a free pass to read what wasn't spoken for a variety of reasons.

2. To law enforcement, shut up, get up and do your job. If you, Mr law man person think a law is broken then go get proof the old fashioned way. I believe in the constitution and took an oath to support and defend it the old fashioned way, With Firepower if necessary. As a member of the Armed forces I take a dim view of lazy actors always looking for the easy way out.

3, the idea of collecting texts now is a bit like closing the gate after the horse got out.

yes i am opposed to the collection of personal communication. Does the USPS make copies and keep them or does the collective voice carrier group record conversations? N O, a text is simply a substitute for a voice or a print on paper as a means of communication. Get a warrant!