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by SDuenke11 - 12/10/12 5:50 PM

In Reply to: What's the HDTV model number? by Pepe7

The model number is CW40T6DW, and although a surround sound system would be nice it's not necessary for me me. As I said I'm not a huge audiophile and I am only looking for better audio than I have on the television. I also need something relatively portable (in the range of 14-16in x 3-4in x 3-4 in), as I am away from my home often. Ideally I could just afford both items, but that's not the case right now. I am fully open to suggestions but I would prefer that they stay within my original specifications (portable, under $200, wireless). Feel free to suggest a surround sound system though. If I come into some extra money then I may buy both items. Try to keep it sub $100.