That's strange.

by Kees_B Moderator - 12/10/12 7:33 AM

In Reply to: PS - Owe you an apology, Bob by DChrisL

I made a new hotmail email address to 'promote' it to a Microsoft account, and it worked both in and in in Windows 8.

Come to think of it, those address live on Microsoft servers. So they can't die because of you having issues with the browser you use to access them via the web or the email client you use to access them via pop3 or imap. Moreover, if this already was a problem a year ago, it most certainly isn't a Windows 8 problem.

I don't think Microsoft will pay back your $39.99 if it's your own incompetence in handling their products that causes you to complain. Personally, I didn't particularly like (the user interface of) my evaluation copy of Windows 8, but it didn't harm anything (except my Ununtu boot) and I wouldn't call it 'garbage'.

Best of luck with getting Windows 7 back!