RE: Virus comes back every other day

by JiriF_AVG AVG staff - 12/10/12 4:02 AM

In Reply to: Virus comes back every other day by chafer444

Hi chafer444,

At first, I should mention that AVG Anti-rootkit detects rootkit-like behavior. Some applications are using rootkit techniques for harmless purposes (copy protection, optical drive virtualization, ...). If you are using a virtualization software, please try uninstalling it temporarily to find out, whether the detection is not caused by it.
More information about rootkits can be found in this FAQ article:
What is rootkit?

If the cause of the detection is not apparent and is still coming back, we need more data (AVG scan logs and system environment overview) to be able to investigate this. The easiest way how to provide us with those is to use this specialized diagnostic utility. Please summarize the situation briefly before sending the data. The troubleshooting will continue via e-mail then.

Thank you.