by farmersutton - 12/9/12 10:14 PM

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VLC - sorry it was a typo in fact both were typos. I have been at this too long.

The Matshita dvd-rom ujda775 is a combo drive . That is what it says in device manager and says it is working properly. It shows up as drive D everywhere except when I try to burn to a CD-R. It does not find drive D with your program nor Burn4free.

It is suppose to read CDs, read and write CD-R and CD-RW, and read DVDs.
I will try your links. It plays DVD's and CD's just fine with VLC.

If that does not work , I have just remember an external HP drive I used with an old dell that died which I know burns. I have decided that if he wants to burn CD/DVD he can use that. It connects by USB and he has those ports. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the ports work. I have to dig it out of the attic.

I will start on this again in the morning. I think I have learned all my brain can hold tonight.

Thank you very much for your help. You have been very kind. Karen