Questions about Vista Business

by farmersutton - 12/9/12 5:20 PM

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Thank you. Your reply was to the point.

I changed my topic. Does it match better?

I will try the chat on hp site. Thank you

Question: Restrictions. I have now read 289 pages in this forum. I made suggested changes to the system because of kind people. To help me understand ...there are two admin accounts with full privileges. In his profile, there is no way I can keep him from deleting k9 filter? Is that correct? Or is there a way to restrict that one program from being deleted by him?

VCL - As I said I have a work around for it. I truly have looked, here and across the web, I would like it to be automatic when it starts up. Auto play does not give me the option to use VCL. Is there another way? There is only choose default ( which even though VCL preferences are set as default -it does not work)-open folder to view files-take no action- ask me every time.

I now have a freeware cd/dvd burner installed. The Roxio was there but was not installed. I own that program and hated it. I own Nero too. They both large programs , I downloaded Click 'N Burn which is 421kb. I have no idea how much HD space a kid needs so I looked for a small program that would do the simple stuff.

Thank you again. Karen
PS I am not buying the grad-kids tablets...I think I don't want to learn that stuff happy