What about these two?

by Connor_Bav - 12/9/12 2:12 PM

In Reply to: Because of our office porting apps. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I'm thinking of getting the Fire (not the HD) but people say it's not as good as ordinary tablets due to limitations. I rarely bother watching movies and if I do I would watch them on Netflix at home because I don't travel all that often, in the house I will use a laptop and smartphone and at college I can use the computers there or if needs be I can take my laptop there. I like to play games like Angry Birds etc and most of what Android offers but the smartphone does that decently enough. All I can imagine is that with a tablet it would just be overkill. I had an iPod Touch with an older phone I had and eventually that was just gathering dust and I'm worried having a tablet would be the same... I could read books on a tablet but with all the other uses the battery wouldn't last me long enough. I'm really tied between a Pipo Smart-S1 and a Kobo Glo. I've managed without a tablet all this time so why would getting one now be worth it?