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by Kees_B Moderator - 12/9/12 5:33 AM

In Reply to: Window 7 by kylesgranma

I don't want to check your computer, of course.

I would like to see such a site on my computer, so I can experiment. The login page of that Coke site you mentioned would be fine. And another page with overlapping words would be fine also. So that's 2 links. Just copy/paste them from the address bar of Firefox into your answer.

And with resolution I meant the number of pixels of your screen. You can see that by right clicking on an empty part of the desktop, choose properties and look in one of the tabs you see (from head, the last one). That's common in WIndows XP. In Windows 7 I even have a 'screen resolution' entry in the right click menu, that shows it directly, but that might be dependent on the graphics driver also. So you might have to search a little bit to find it. But it surely is somewhere.