Meet the new KGB

It's not the cops that want to trample our rights and the Constitution, it's the majority of the liberal police chiefs and prosecutors. They can get a warrant any time and intercept, block, or alter your text message when they loosely prove probable cause to a judge.
Now they want the ability to look at any text in/out for 2 years prior to a warrant. Next it will be all cell voice conversations, then they will push for 4 years because 2 wasn't enough.

Remember these communist turds can be fired, just as the gutless politicians that someone bought and paid for.
All in favor of this must be identified and put in a database for us all to see. When un-electing the beltway bandits & tyrants, firing the Popo Cheefs and District ******** doesn't seem work, us real patriots can introduce them to the most effective and final Control-Alt-Delete known to man.

As I said, LIST, we need a list of those chiefs and what city needs to be rescued from them.