Re: Folded dipole antennas

by Big Steve - 12/8/12 10:48 AM

In Reply to: Folded dipole antennas by mjd420nova

I would not want to tape the antenna to my living room wall; I did that back in my college days on my dorm room wall so just tape it to the back of the cabinet? What are these types of antennas called? Dipole? So if I went to or and just typed in "dipole antenna" in the search bar that should show me some results?

The one I had back in my college days years ago was a flat type of wire; clear and when folded out it was shaped like a very big "T". Before cableTV hit my neighborhood back in the late 60's I had an outside antenna mounted on a tall pole and the wire that connected to my TV sets then was a flat brown wire; 300 OHMS I think; not sure though. So the T-shaped antenna is still the best thing sold today? Better than a fancy looking internal antenna that would sit on top of my cabinet?