never used cleaners

by SKLaw100 - 12/8/12 10:00 AM

In Reply to: Have you run a registry cleaner? by wpgwpg

In response to your question, I do not use any cleaners. I have used Advanced Care for my 32 bit systems and it worked well. Are you recommending this, or seeing if that is the problem

My sfc/swcannow system came up no integrity violations.

I did notice when auto updates were on, that when the critical update was again applied, it did not crash the system, and it took weeks for the a critical update to crashed the system. I had thought Microsoft got the word and fixed their critical updates. Then it started crashing within days and now hours, so on 12/7 after going back to 12/2, I turned critical updates off and all is working fine the next morning.

What is confusing and I do not understand is that my Update History, has updates from 8/25 - 12/7 ALSO indicating that they are "installed" and successfully, but the Installed Updates tab only says shows nothing past 12/2. I am guessing this is a Microsoft flaw, and Update History is only the downloads, but not installations, just adding to the confusion to diagnosis the problem.

According to Installed Updates my last installed update is KB259709132 bit Office 2010, everything later as shown on Update History does not appear on Installed Updates, and my guess is that those later updates are now be crashing my system.

I first notice losing my ability to print from Word Perfect and/or Word crashes when starting. Also Nitro PDF and all printing crashes.

Is there any way to remove the downloads (update history) since 12/2 in the hopes that Microsoft will fix the problem, and I can then get a better critical update, or is everything sequential, and a later critical update fixes an older problem. Any other suggestions?