by hotshoezach - 12/8/12 11:04 AM

In Reply to: Everything is a Compromise by PistonCupChampion

the GPS could probably go. i really don't even care about that, lol. it's mostly the WiFi that i was after, it's just that most cameras with the WiFi, come with the GPS as well. lol.

that one actually has WiFi capabilities, it says, if you have the proper accessories. but it's not the most important feature.... i plan on getting a big enough SD card for the job. no problems there.

does the HX30V have the Twilight mode? just wondering.

and yeah, i really don't plan on getting prints of anything unless i really really like a picture i took. i'm sure there will be some "artsy" photos here and there, but other than that i'd just like to get nice photos.

usually i line up my shots so they're a little more than just a snapshot, but i don't go too crazy. if i really wanna take an "artsy" photo i kinda check out different angles and stuff first.