Not good

If in fact a virus was the cause for all this, then you need to verify it's gone or not present. Continuing to use the "recovery partition" only made possible it's infection or it was present there to cause yet more problems. You seem to try what you knew but then tell us, you don't know the result of what really got in the way. Basically, you went all over the map and now it's really hosed. The recovery of the PC using the recovery partition should have been saved or cloned in order to have it later(if possible). Next, you don't have recovery discs, thus as already stated to you should be ordered from Toshiba. If none from wares, then you need to start from scratch, Totally, 100% wipe clean the laptop's drive and HOPE it's not a HD problem that was the root of this as in a true h/w fault. Provided you wipe clean the laptop HD and have access to recovery discs, then do a reload. As already stated to you, if drivers become an issue, these are readily available for your model# laptop at Toshiba support website. The requirement of a Vista OS maybe had ordering from such vendors or similar as:

If you want, try Hiren's CD(google it), get and burn it properly to be bootable. It has some virus scanners, etc. and other diags to help resolve some problems or point out what you're dealing with. If you have the .ISO Vista file, that only repairs minor OS issues, not the whole laptop as it were. Maybe that's why it asks for drivers, but even if gotten too much is open and not solved. This is turn leads me to not trust end result until AV scanned and other AV tools.

Of course, if all boils down to a bad HD, you need to replace it and reload the OS as mentioned above. Under all this is Vista isn't found, then MAYBE the end -user would like Win7 installed. Again, all above applies, but Toshiba could still offer Win7 upgrade or Win7 retail from online vendors.

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