by SKLaw100 - 12/8/12 9:34 AM

In Reply to: Have you run a registry cleaner? by wpgwpg

I too have been running windows for years on as many as 12 systems, and never seen this problem, only since I migrated to 64bit Windows 7, from XP and then 32 bit Windows 7.

This is my home system that uses many video and photo software programs, mostly from Corel. NitroPDF 6, Hamachi to access my office through its VPN portal. I did a fresh install of the program back in August, and it seems to have started with critical updates back in October.

For now I am saving restore points and will save my registry, along with a full back up of my SSD that houses most of my OS. I have been through the "fix it" routines, but they never worked. I will look into you suggestions and report back..