Another vote for ION

Hi Gloria,
before we emigrated, I converted all my vinyls to MP3 as a safeguard in case therecords got broken en route. I used an ION USB Turntable/Vinyl Archiver TTUSB05 that just plugged into my PC USB port. There is (or was) even some support software on ION's website that allowed conversion of 78s! I didn't have any but the principle was that you recorded them at 45 rpm and then the software speeded them up. What that might do to the diamond stylus, I can't say but be careful.

You do need, as others have pointed out, to run the Vinyls at normal speed, which can take a time but then you can reprise them all as you go - nice evenings spent with your father.

One other thing you might want to consider is to remove the inevitable pops and clicks that will also be picked up from the vinyl (or you may just want to keep them for the real vinyl experience!). I cleaned mine up using Audacity - a free download program that is one of the best available. You can "stretch" out the wave form while editing so you can precisely identify the pop and delete it - too hard with the compressed display. There is a short learning curve with the program but once mastered, it becomes very intuitive.

Good luck!