Not sure why I have to put a subject

So how long does 500 items take to sort? The Dell players seem to sort really quickly. The RCA one I bought takes it's sweet time. It was a current model a year ago, so I think they kind of went backwards.

If an iPod will work, then I'm not against it. Just don't have any experience with them. Or many other mp3 players for that matter.

As far as the order, I have all of the files named with a preceding number so hopefully that will eliminate that problem.

As for splitting the playlist, this is for my Mom and she isn't too tech savvy so I'd just as soon make it as user friendly as possible. A single playlist is what she is used to, so that would be the best if it will work.

Do you have a preferred iPod, or are they all created equal for what I need? I'm assuming the current models do far more than I need. How far back can I safely go before I might run into problems?

Once again, thanks for the advice.