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by Kees_B Moderator - 12/7/12 12:43 PM

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He's from an Indian PC support company, but he didn't read our forum rules about not advertising your own business. So I had to delete his original post.

"This errors show you that your PC is not compatible with Windows XP.
As now a days the PC/Laptops are coming with Windows 7 or Windows 8 they are easy to upgrade to higher version but not to use the lower versions of Windows.
If you want to run Windows XP in your PC you first have to analyse which hardware are in your PC then download them from net. Before that you need to upgrade your BIOS so that it will allow you to do so.
After all this you will be able to Install windows Xp in your PC and it will work effectively."

However, I don't believe that you should download hardware (he probably means drivers) and I doubt if upgrading the BIOS will help to install XP.
And I doubt if this errors show that your PC isn't compatible. This errors just show that the setup didn't manage to copy those files from the install disk to the hard disk.