Re: TV Power Cycles at Every Commercial

by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff - 12/7/12 12:43 PM

In Reply to: TV Power Cycles at Every Commercial by incognito21

Hi incognito21,

So here's the thing: the TV doesn't know that it's getting a commercial. To the TV, video input is video input, whether it's a commercial or news or Saturday morning cartoons. The only thing that could be happening is that the cable box is sending some kind of signal when it switches from regular programming to a commercial. Perhaps, it's a resolution change, which if you're connected HDMI, would require a renegotiating of the HDCP handshake.

However, that handshake if it failed wouldn't power cycle the TV; it would just say, "No Signal":

So I'm thinking all of this has centered around your cable box. Then perhaps the cable box is faulty. Have you tried connecting another TV to it to see if you can replicate the results?

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