Re: XP install errors

by Kees_B Moderator - 12/7/12 12:11 PM

In Reply to: Someone please help me by hollaaaaaaa

- What OS was on it, before you tried to install Windows XP? The eee's I see now come with Windows 7 Starter. In that case XP is a downgrade 2 versions back.
- What was the source you installed from? The best would be an original Microsoft issued holographed Windows XP SP3 CD, but SP2 should work also.
- Did you erase the drive before installing (DBAN or Killdisk)? That's necessary.
- Any more details about these 2 errors?

And just for when it works tomorrow:
- Did you already download all XP drivers for this machine? Otherwise it might not work even if the install finishes succesfully.