Might be a virus

by raduzhok - 12/7/12 6:27 AM

In Reply to: Plenty. by R. Proffitt Moderator

While the fixit situation could be a false positive, is the flash player download also a false positive? I got one of the flash player reminders this morning, and went to d/l it, and I got the message:
"install_flashplayer11x32axau_gtba_chra_dy_aih.exe contained a virus and was deleted."

The odd thing is I was running a scan again this morning, but not in safe mode, and when it finished, as has happened on the last two days, there were '0 infections; and 0 cookies deleted' which I thought odd about the cookies. Then I checked the program for 'last scan done' and it was 12/5/12. So, it seems, something is preventing Trend from scanning completely.

What online scan site can I visit to provide me with a full scan of my system?