RE:You used the term "fanatical religiosity"

Yes...I did...I cut and paste the term...of course you knew that.

There have been complaints over the years that the wall between church and state is not always observed in the military. The Air Force Academy in Colorado in particular has been scrutinized for years over allegations from non-Christian students that they faced intolerance. A retired four-star general was asked last year to conduct an independent review of the overall religious climate at the academy.

There also has been a growing willingness in recent years by some service members to publicly identify themselves as atheists, agnostics or humanists and to seek the same recognition granted to Christians, Jews and other believers. Earlier this year, there was an event at Fort Bragg that was the first known event in U.S. military history to cater to nonbelievers.

Maybe he's the one who needs to either learn greater tolerance

Yes...he could "go home and sit on the couch until the strike is over" OR he could go to the back of the bus, sit down and shut up.