NOT a rant: THIS could happen to you!

Get as far away from these guys as you can. I purchased an extended warranty for $189.00 on a 58" Samsung Plasma for a home theater. After 21 months it developed wide, horizontal discoloration bands that stretched across the entire screen, especially prominent during light backgrounds. I filed a claim. DTVexpress asked for screen shots to "diagnose" the problem, and based on THAT "examination" they refused the claim, citing what I now call their "Universal Escape Clause." Amazingly, it excludes:
"ANY IRREGULAR VIEWING QUALITY ISSUES DISPLAYED BY ANY TYPE OF TV including but not limited to blooming, strobing, judder, bluring, color shift, an imbalance of back lighting in one or more areas of the TV." So, the question here folks, isn't what dtvexpress DOESN'T cover, but under THAT clause, what if anything they DO cover. Don't make the same mistake I did - be sure to read the fine print yourselves - this clause is in there - they DON'T send you their "terms" - they post them on their website. My advice, take the amount of your premium, flush it, and you'll have the same coverage as if you had actually signed on with these folks. But at least you'll avoid the aggravation of having to listen to them dodge your claim if you ever need to fix your TV.