by Willy - 12/6/12 5:04 PM

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I find fixing gaming problems too much of jumping thru the hoops. What works for one game may not for another. If you've a bunch of gaming, you'll find that easily is so. Which is why i asked in my prior post. Generally, speaking you have to settle the PC issues themselves before anything else. In other words the PC must be in stock or default form, no hi-end setting or user introduced tweeks. Just make sure it works beforew you move to gaming levels. Then fine-tune the game to what the PC can offer. The game setting are easier to adj. than the PC, because the PC was working before you went the gaming route. Which is why I offer in yet other posts, that basically want a "top-end PC" for gaming needs, because gaming is so power hungary for *ALL* resources whatever they may be. Further, cooling is a big issue as i see it and better be good. .

The i3 is a decent cpu but it isn't all that great for gaming, though better than older cpus. Next, the Win8 OS, well that's still open as how it handles gaming or what is still required for the best operation. So, if you can accept basic or FC3 levels as they initially install, because it finds its own level of sorts. If it seems to run then or not at all well, then maybe the PC itself still needs to be tweeked. Tweeked as NOT simply asking for hi-performance setting but what makes the PC works with everything else besides gaming. Any patches and drivers MUST be Win8 ready or capable, if MUST state so or be allowed using older Win7 offering. Last, the game itself should support whatever is being given it. Even, it accepts cpu level much lower than yours, it has to say somewhere, it supports the i3 from the makers itself. Now, with all these drivers and patches and what have you, you basically create a new PC of sorts but do all these accept each other and not fall into a toxic mix. Which is why i state, gaming problems tend to create issues regular PC won't see anywhere near as soon as loading some new game. Also, since you build this yourself, you need to recheck all your work, don't take anything for granted, yeah sometimes a boo-boo takes along time accept if some small detail was forgotten.

If you like, I suggest you get PCWizard 2012 and load it to see all the variables of your system PC has. It provides deep details and important real facts of just what you have installed h/w and s/w. Google for it.

Last, sometimes you're too ahead of the gaming world. Your h/w mix or system just needs a fix NOT YET available from the game maker. You may want to check gaming websites to query there as those hot gamers may offer greater clues, tips, and/or hints to help you.

tada -----Willy happy