Aero theme not found

by raduzhok - 12/6/12 2:27 PM

In Reply to: Most don't want to know why. by R. Proffitt Moderator

As it turns out, when I got help with trying to 're-enable' the theme, I got a message that this theme was not found. I just went to Microsoft and tried to get information on the Aero.theme, and the 'fixit' tool suggested I download and have it diagnosed. When I clicked on the download Fixit button, I got a message:

Microsoftfixit.Aero.RNP.26278257040120027.1.1.Run.exe "contained a virun and was deleted.

I'm still not sure whether this was an alert that the 'Fixit' found a virus, and Trend deleted it, or whether Fixit was telling me that it had been deleted because of a virus, previously found. What is odd, is that both times when I lost the theme, I'd been returning to 'normal mode' from 'safe mode.'

Any thoughts on that?

Everything was fine on that front day before yesterday. I did install WINDOWS updates, but other than that, only visited my email and two daily visited sites of mine.