RE: Soldiers don't get to decide

by JP Bill - 12/6/12 1:50 PM

In Reply to: Let him walk away by Steven Haninger

Soldiers don't get to decide whether they will participate in a conflict

You consider being forced to listening to someone else pray is "participating in a conflict"?

Do you think ALL military should attend ALL religious services, even Muslim religious services when you are a Christian? Why not?...I mean, it IS a conflict.

Do try and stay/respond ON subject...not that you were ON subject in the first place....listening to others pray is NOT in a conflict.

I'm now going OFF subject

Those who didn't smoke, stayed in ranks

Those that didn't smoke had to go though the motions?

When I was working and I didn't smoke...the guys I was working with were on a smoke break...I went with them...The Foreman came along and asked me "what are you doing here, you don't smoke"...I replied..."Fire Watch."