I have a few on my desk.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/6/12 10:42 AM

In Reply to: Nexus 10, 7, asus 700 or...Ipad Mini? :/ by RabTechy

Because of a fortunate job with porting our apps to Android I have the Nexus 7, Asus Transformer, Kindle Fire HD and a few others.

The Nexus 7 does not have HDMI of any kind so that knocked that one off your list. But it is a FINE tablet.

I have the Asus TF300T Transformer but it fails your micro usb requirement. It also has one speaker.

Where did you read the Nexus 7 had HDMI?

And about gaming. It's tablet gaming, nothing like a PC so be sure you are into that.