Samsung won't fix white dot issue for model HLT5687SX/XAA

by maverick0516 - 12/6/12 9:35 AM

In Reply to: White Dots on Samsung HLT5687 HDTV by RJClubmaker

I too, own the Samsung DLP HDTV in the subject line... I too have this white dot issue on my unit. It started with one dot and now with about 15-20 dots a few days later. Looked online and found this problem to be widespread on a lot of Samsung DLP units and a lot of the users claimed that Samsung fixed their problem for free of charge. So I called Samsung hoping they could help me but pretty much said that my model is not included on the list that is supposed to have this defect. This DLP unit only gave me 5 years of service (bought in 2007)! My Mitsubishi and Sony TVs lasted me more than 10 years!

Just last year, I had to get this same unit fixed for some sort of defective power unit (forgot what the actual part was), I paid out of pocket only to find out a few months later that there was a class action lawsuit regarding that part. I ended up getting reimbursed by Samsung for my expense. Does Samsung need to get sued first before they support their unit?!

This DLP made me buy the next two Samsung LCD HDTVs in my household because of the quality. Now, the replacement HDTV will be from another brand because of the quality, or lack thereof, of Samsung's customer service.