change of heart

I was sitting on the fence but now I'm voting 'YES' I do care.

I do agree that the law needs all the help they can get when it comes to apprehending criminals.
WE have all sacrificed a lot over the years in order to help police. I do some texting with a couple of buddies and my kids and grandkids. That text is between sender and recipient. No one else.

Maybe our software gurus could create a software that would detect a multiple uses of several chosen words for national threats or roberies which would give them ample reason to THEN watch these texts.
There's too much 'big brother' these days.

Also, for those that don't know and maybe not care. Those expensive police scanners are, for the most part, now useless. They have change the encyption to an advanced inpenitrable access. These are all trunking radios .
We are not allowed to hear police and fire frequencies anymore, due to 'sensitivity issues'. That too, collides with what we claim that public airwaves are public domain. Not anymore my friends