Did you Sync or Copy

by vlavalle - 12/6/12 1:26 AM

In Reply to: Did you Sync or Copy? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Bob, thanks for the response on keeping file creation dates when moving them. But I am actually looking for a file manager run as a Windows program that anyone can easily use. I am a computer consultant and have many customers, and the solution to this dilemma needs to be fairly simple. Using DOS commands or zipping files is not easy to do. As for your questions, I do not see any 'Sync' function in Explorer, and the sync function in TC simply uses its standard copying function to sync up two directories. So what are you referring to when you mentioned 'Sync'?

I have even written to Christian (the owner of TC) and he agrees that TC cannot retain creation dates, just as Explorer cannot, so he doesn't feel it is his problem. I suggested that he update his product so it can! And to give this all the more credence, I have come across a rather crude but effect file manager copying tool that DOES retain file creation dates, and gave this info to Christian as well. This, of course, means that this is doable! This product is called SafeCopy V2 and can be acquired (free) online at http://www.elwinsoft.com/safecopy-free.html. I tried it with a simple test copying just one file, and the creation date did not change! In the next couple of days, one of my customers will install this product and try it on a large directory copy (with many subfolders) and this will be a really good test. Creation date is VERY important for legal reasons to some of my customers, including to me! I have written and Copyrighted a very in depth Windows tutorial and I need the creation date to remain intact.

Also, I have started another thread with this topic on this system since this thread (although it is the same topic) seems to be dead due to its age.

Vincent (12-06-12)