All 3 can do that.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/5/12 1:17 PM

In Reply to: Which one would be a better option. by sandra2529

HOWEVER some folk are wanting to browse the web JUST LIKE THEIR PC.

For that the iPad comes up a little short so while it's great some sites are sill in need of adding support for the iPad and the no-Flash issue.

For the Nexus 7 I installed Firefox Beta and Flash and it's all good now. There are very few sites that don't work now. This app and addon should be fine on the Samsung so let's see what the Samsung has more of.

I see the tab has dual cameras over the nexus single camera.
The Samsung charge is over a proprietary cable and my 7 charges off a standard connection.
The Sasmung has a 32GB memory card slot, the 7 has no slot.

Both should surf the web fine and play a lot of videos.