Just A Question... Or Two...

by Grif Thomas Moderator - 12/5/12 11:13 AM

In Reply to: Hard drive lost files by speedlse

Are C and D two separate hard drives....? Or are they two separate partitions on the same hard drive?

If they are two separate partitions on the same hard drive, then your problem may be a failing hard drive, which could show up as a failure on both partitions...

Or, if they are two separate hard drives and you created an image file and saved it to the D drive, then please be aware that image files are saved as compiled files, such as an .iso file, which contains all of the original files but.... You can't view the separate games, pics, etc. until you burn the .iso (image file) to another drive. Burning the .iso to another drive will extract all of the separate files and show them as you're used to seeing them, but not until they're all extracted during the burning process.

Hope this helps.