Follow Up

by drorb - 12/5/12 5:32 AM

In Reply to: Re: 8000 Series TV Picture Quality by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Thanks for the reply!

I've only viewed a minute or two of a theatrical Blu-ray title, so I can't answer with certainty.

After my posting, I ran the Disney Blu-ray WOW Calibrations, both basic and advanced. Every test showed the TV already properly set up. The only change I made was to remove the default overscan.

My DirecTV 'Genie' architecture, HR34 DVR with C31 slaves, is widely regarded as a work-in-progress, so it might be the culprit.

Also, both the DirecTV and Blu-ray video is switched through an Onkyo TX-SR313 AV Receiver. I wonder if the Onkyo is somehow falsely signalling 3D content, with its higher brightness?

Are others complaining about intermittent wash-out?