Where the f#%%# does Best Buy train their sales people?!?!?

by ExchangeAdmin - 12/4/12 10:07 PM

In Reply to: Don't be silly by Pepe7

I heard the most ridiculous statement I've heard in a good long while today while purchasing a Panasonic plasma at BestBuy. The guy stood there with a straight face and told me that I couldn't put the plasma in my car on its side, not because torsional forces would likely crack the thin glass panel while on its side, but "because the plasma would settle in the wrong spot and mess up the image"!!! I stood there slack jawed for a brief moment and then decided it would be a useless effort to ask the guy if he actually understood that these displays are named for their highly energetic particles of ionized gas they run on, aka: plasma and not the gooey liquidey stuff that comprises most
of our blood... Instead, I politely asked him to please just ship it to my house and quietly walked away... Where the hell do they find these clowns? "...the plasma will move to the wrong spot..." Jesus...