Thank you for all the suggestions.

by rcrcir - 12/4/12 8:25 PM

In Reply to: Where are the component audio output jacks? by rcrcir

After analyzing my situation, I ended up purchasing a cable that plugged into the headphone jack and converted to red/white audio jacks to take from tv to home theater system. I was concerned about quality but, alas, its not like I have a home theater room or anything - and so far, the quality is acceptable.

I also determined I had an issue connecting my dvd player/recorder to the tv as well. At this point, I only have the dvd player output going to the tv component input while I purchased an hdmi cable to take the Dish output to the tv. I don't have the output from the tv going into the dvd recorder. Since it is older also, and doesn't take hdmi input, I am still kind of screwed there.