No Way To BiG Brother

This is just another dumb idea. Clearly the police can't create an interaction between logic and what exits their mouths:

1. If you weren't sending information considered confidential, there would be no reason for the police to make the request.

2. Why would you bother sending your SMS messages encrypted if they were going to be stored on a strangers server?

3. Why did they create a law prohibiting tapping phones and other forms of surveillance if they are going to allow someone to record every written message i.e. if I'm sitting in my lounge talking, do I want it recorded? No. Is it illegal? Yes. If I'm talking on the phone would I want it recorded? No. Is it illegal? Yes. So, I'd be interested to know why those two are illegal and the written word isn't.

4. They offer no value whatsoever to the police as evidence. So, there's an incriminating message sent from your phone. Who sent it? Totally useless in court as any one knows it would be a perfect tool for setting someone up.

5. It's yet another reason for hacking servers.

Based on this, the only use would be for voyeurism and I would hope the police don't have the time for it.

The police are this dumb and their role is our protection? Well that's scary.......