Confusion reigns here

by mchainmchain - 12/4/12 5:49 PM

In Reply to: This game by metmichallica

Thank you for the link you gave above.

Did you just now download it and install or does it require an browser to run it or was it already installed on your system prior to all the above?

You seem to be having issues with Firefox, version unknown.

Some malware web site scanners are reporting malware at this site in the past.

Some not:

Google search results here: Be careful what you click here as some sites are rated less than safe by WOT (World Of Trust) web site scan of your link is unavailable at the moment; site seems down.

Reason for doing all of the above is because a web site you may visit in the past and was then ok, may not be the next time you visit; reputable websites are attacked all the time.

Suggest you scan your system with your current antivirus and also Malwarebytes to see if anything is amiss.

Malwarebytes Free here:

Please note: Ignore the download link for ARO 2012. This link is not for Malwarebytes. The one with the solid green "Download" button and c|net is.