Not sure what to look for

by djreiswig - 12/4/12 5:03 PM

In Reply to: I have some units but by R. Proffitt Moderator

How do I go about determining which players will load a large playlist without taking 10 minutes to do so?

I looked a the Amazon link you sent, but it looks like most everything is a video player as well. Don't really need that. I guess it wouldn't matter if it had a video player, just wouldn't use it. I am trying to get away from the old players. They seem to die rather quickly after I get them all set up.

Not too worried about the cost, if it will work correctly for what we need. Don't want to spend $200 bucks, but not necessarily looking for a $19.99 deal either. I'm just having trouble finding what I need without buying something and finding out it won't work.

BTW: We are all Windows PC's here. No Apple stuff.