I have the right to be secure in my papers..

The Constitution is pretty clear, I have the right to be secure in my personal papers. That means electronic communications too. Part of that right is my ability to destroy any papers as I deem necessary, or store them as I deem necessary. The Government has a right to get a search warrant, and search my papers as they exist at the point of service of the warrant. No more and no less. Now, I understand the LEO desire to be able to get as much as a complete history as they can as they can tie history in certain cases to show conspiracy. The reason of course is to keep us safe and protect us. They would love making every one keep a 2 year history on every thing they write or say. The Constitution prohibits that though and should in the case of text messages. This is a conflict with freedom and safety, and not one I would be willing to give to the Government Law Enforcement people. (They are simply people and all it takes is one abuser to falsely convict, or simply use the information to "influence" someone to get a result they want.)