Yeah so about the sound bar

by mbruno2084 - 12/4/12 5:25 PM

In Reply to: Since sound is the problem so... by ahtoi

Thanks. We do currently have a sound bar, but we don't like having the extra electronics equipment. There's no good place to mount it on the wall, and if I just set it in front of the television, it blocks the TV's IR receiver. We currently have it in back of the TV, which might be contributing to our problem with dialog. We also have a pretty open living room without a lot of furniture & a high ceiling which might be screwing with the acoustics.

Personally, though, I think the actors on "Homeland" need to stop mumbling their lines sad

Btw - We tried the new Bose Solo, which was essentially perfect, but there's no equalizer controls on it. I loved it, but it was too bass-y for my wife, so we returned it.