Avast killed my internet connections

by Sardondi - 12/4/12 4:30 PM

In Reply to: AVG Killed my internet connection by Hallfarmer

Just happened to me, to. I had heard good things about Avast, and I just paid for their super-de-duper package. I dl'd it, and come to find out that, totally without permission or notice, Avast took control of my computer and completely altered all my network/connection settings. And of course no way to troubleshoot, and no way, as far as I can tell, to turn the damn thing off. Only hope was a system restore, which worked. Excuse me for asking, but exactly what is the difference between Avast destroying my ability to use the internet and a virus doing the same thing?

Well, that's all for now: I'm late for a session to get a refund for this POS anti-virus/firewall program from AVG.