You should have your phone in a bowl of rice right now

by Pepe7 - 12/4/12 12:31 PM

In Reply to: damaged phone data recovery by dirt72801

If that's been done already, use a mini-USB cable and see if your PC will still recognize the phone as a storage device. If the phone boots but merely doesn't display the internals may still be accessible via your PC, etc. I can do this w/ my older HTC models. Drag and drop files as you need to. Using google you can find other instances of how folks have done this. Also ask at for more details on recovery services if you get to that point ($$).

SMS will likely be a bit trickier. You may have to have a rooted device in order to be able to access the part of the file structure where they are stored. Sites like XDA developers forum can assist you in doing this. But there are also programs such as SMS backup & restore that you might also try. Look in the Android forum for info on this one.